Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide And Seek

“So the boundaries are the river, on the field…” 
The teachers go on and on, 
trying to make sure the kids understand the rules.
 Everyone sits there bored out of their wits.
 I mean, we walked all this way,
 to have an epic game of hide and seek, 
not to listen to the rules all day. 
Trees wait silently for the game to start.
 I try and figure out where I should hide,
 that isn’t too obvious.
“Ok, now we can start”. 
Yes, finally!

“1, 2, 3”
 Leaves crunch beneath my feet as I sprint to find the ideal spot. 
“51, 52, 53” 
Oh no! The teacher is already halfway through counting,
 and I haven’t even found a hiding spot yet. 
I better follow someone or else i'll be running around,
like a headless chicken when the game starts. 
“71, 72, 73” 
Prickles scratch me as I sneak into the rose bush as silent 
as a mouse.
“91, 92, 93” 
Whispers flood my ears saying ‘come over here!’ 
I roll into that other spot, 
making no noise whatsoever. 
“98, 99, 100!” 
The stomping of footsteps and crunching of leaves 
mark the start of the game.

I lie down 
with a branch covering my face and  
roses covering my red shirt. 
Teachers call out the names of people in our area, 
we’re next, I know it. 
Don’t breath, 
don’t move, 
stay silent. 

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