Monday, 19 September 2016

My Speech: Our Unsocial World

Reflection: Lately our class have been working on writing speeches. My speech was about our antisocial world. We learnt about the impact that the structure and content has on our speech. Also we learnt about using particular language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. I think I did well because the structure and content of my speech is relational because my speech was well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of my speech structure. Also I think the language devices of my speech is relational because I used a few language devices to persuade and connect with my audience for example I used a rhetorical question when I said ‘Have you ever noticed how boring and unsocial the world has become?’. I think the presentation of my speech didn't go so well at the finals because when I got up on stage I got stage fright and I got really shy, but my presentational my speech went well every other time. Click HERE to listen to my speech.

Speech: Have you ever noticed how boring and unsocial the world has become? It's like nobody cares about anything and they’re just there! Like that time when you want to be social but someone is like ‘lemme take a selfie’ or perhaps that time when you were talking to someone who was just ‘being social’ on their phone, like seriously, how can you be social when you can't even see someone face to face. Or even worse, when you go to a friends house and all you do is play minecraft on the iPad. Think back to that time when you were at your friend's house for a sleepover and you don't fall asleep till like 12:00 because two have been on a device the whole time. Technology is taking over the world. Dun dun dun!

Don't get me wrong I don't want to push my opinion onto you, I don't want to get you worshiping me like I'm a god just because I ‘saved you’ from technology (even though I don't know anyone in the audience who would actually do that, you know what I'm saying?) But think about it, how many people did you see today on their phone or iPad. But I don't want you thinking that I am an angel child and I don't go on any technology at all. No! I wrote this whole speech on an iPad. My point isn’t to get you to get off technology completely, I just want to show you why it is important not to get addicted, a mistake that a lot of people make.

Ok so don't get me started on social media. Spending time with people or chatting with them is about the quality of the time you spend with them rather than the quantity. But social media is forcing us to think that you have to know where your best friend is and what they are doing at all times like you are the overprotective parent. Another thing about social media is that you might be on a really nice walk and in front of you is a beautiful view, or as the world today calls it today ‘tumblr’ view and then you decide to take your phone out of your pocket to take a photo to post to tumblr. You think that you are capturing the moment but actually you are ruining the moment because you aren't even enjoying the moment as it is. Social media has taken over the world so much that tumblr started off as an app, now it's an adjective used in everyday life. 

Ok so not to point the blame on anyone here but the start of the technology addiction for kids is because overprotective parents give their children phones so that they can contact each other at all times. But when you give someone a device what do you expect them to do with it when they have no boundaries? Would you expect them to leave it in a drawer and never use it? No! Of course not! The second you give us kids a device we will use it non stop and yes that did happen to me and I am not proud of it which is why telling you this, so you don't make the same mistake as I did.

Another way to make sure that kids go on technology non stop is to give kids iPads for schoolwork which a lot of schools do. The school that you are at right now gives kids iPads. The school I am going to next year, Cobham does it. My sister's high school does it. I understand it saves heaps of time, instead writing it out on paper and taking ages you just type it up. But my advice for school is to make it so that they leave their iPad at school at all times so that the kids don't sneakily go on it at home. Because it causes catastrophes for the future and they will look back on their life and say ‘I wish my school didn't give me an iPad in the first place’. 

Imagine you are talking to someone, having a nice conversation and some random person that neither of you know shouts ‘SELFIE!!!’ and the person you are talking to runs toward the person who said the one word selfie. I mean the number of times this has happened to me is endless. I have been in every position in this situation. I have been person shouting selfie, the person who ran to the selfie and last but not least the poor old kid who's friend left them because of a self absorbed photo with someone they don't even know.

So next time who are about to take a selfie think about all the conversations that you are ruining. Next time you feel like watching YouTube or playing Pokemon go think of all the time you are wasting. Next time you think about going on technology think of what I have shared with you today. Do you feel like becoming an antisocial person that no one wants to be friends with or a friendly happy, fun person? The choice is yours.

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