Thursday, 14 April 2016


"Come get a hug Sophie, I missed you so much!” Her turquoise eyes sparkle in my heart, sending messages of love as she engulfs me in a big crusher-cuddle so tight I can hardly breath. The scruffy white hair on her head brushes against my clothes, as the snuggle gets tighter.  Her necklace lies under her checkered long sleeved top. Rose perfume drifts up my nose.  A ginormous smile that only she can make brightens up the darkest day. The caring and soft voice that she owns shows she still has a young spirit in her.

“Bye Sophie, I'm gonna go on a walk now,” Mum says calmly, leaving me excited and curious with Nan. The curiousness runs up my spine, as everyone says ‘Your Nan is unpredictable’. 
She always has something new to talk about. “Sophie, could you please pass me the blue photo album my dear?” Her sweet, crinkly voice calms my excitement but the curiosity still stays, waiting. I pass her the photo album and she flicks through the ‘seemingly new’ pages. “Ah, here we are.” She stops turning the pages once she reaches a photo that has mum with a weird hat on her head.
“That was when she graduated from university,” says Nan, softly.
“How old was she when that happened?” I ask.
“Around 23 or 24, wait there a sec I’m gonna go get something.” Nan comes back with a fancy-schmancy photo frame and slides the photo into it. Nan turns the page to a photo of a dimly lit room with about 20 fancy dressed people including mum who was wearing the most beautiful lace velvet dress. 
“That was at your mum’s high school prom,” Nan says proudly.
“Do you still have that dress?” I ask.
“Funnily enough, I do! Could you please go into the spare room and look through the closet my dear?” I search and search until I come back with the most beautiful dress ever.
“Can I try it on?” I ask excitedly.
“Of course dear.”
After I try it on we lay it on the couch and look through some more photo albums.
“Haha you had to get that out didn't you, Mum,” Mum says with a sigh as she comes back.
“You knew it was coming some day,” Nan says finishing the conversation.

Anyway, Nan isn't the typical type of grandparent, not the ‘cake-baker, cookie-cutter, baking-maniac’ type, but more the ‘everything-you-need-is-ready-made-in-the-supermarket’ type. I guess no-one in our family ever liked baking. The main thing that all of my family look forward to when we go to Nan’s house is the tim tams… Yummy! When my cousin was 6 years old he wrote a story about Nan and mentioned the cookies that always sit in the cupboard. Actually, I’m gonna stop talking about that because I am getting really hungry.

When you see Nan she is always knitting. Like that time when she made this HUGE teddy bear for my baby cousin, Kaea. She also used to be really into gardening, especially planting lemon trees. 

I can't even explain my love for Nan. It is beyond our galaxy. Her bright self gives me love and happiness and gives that to everyone else as well. She is the flowers to my vase, the fish to my chips, the birthday to my cake and most of all, the to my love you.

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