Monday, 14 March 2016

Chinese Wonton Eating Monkey Land #2

So here I am, at my birthday party, and my friends arrive.
“Hi Lucy!” I say enthusiastically.
“Hi Sophie” Lucy says, bored. “You really should have chosen balloons”
“I don’t care about your opinion” I say angrily.
“Woah” Lucy pushes away. So do I. I don’t even care anymore. She can think what she thinks, but I’m just gonna go into my room. 
In a heartbeat I get sucked up into a colourful, sugary mess…

The trees
made of colourful sugar
are balloon men that flap
around in the breeze.

made of sugar
are tiny little grains of quicksand,
ready to swallow
me up.

A band sing:
“lalalalalala sing a happy song”.
The band people are like monkeys,
Wait… those are monkeys... with mustaches... and beards…Aaahhh!

I ask the monkeys why they are so happy.
They shout enthusiastically
“It's the president's birthday!” 
I steal the bands mic and sing 
“It's a long way to the shop 
if you want a sausage roll!”

The president, 
a princess of pure beauty,
floats along the sugar,
making a long line in the sand.

“BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!” She screeches. She joins in the song with her electric ukulele.

“President,” I say sweetly.
“I have a few questions for you.”
“Go ahead” She says soft and sweetly.
“When will I go back home?” 
“Once you have learnt your lesson”.
“What is my lesson?”
“You’ll find out”.
The last thing that I did in that world was ask that president what her name was.
And the answer was Sophie Watt.

So I decide to be kind and go to Lucy and apologise.
“I’m sorry that I was mean to you” I say, genuinely.
“Hey, it’s alright”. 
And that is my story of how I am the way I am now.
This is the Chinese wonton eating monkey land:


When writing this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors. My poem is currently at multistructural because I can write similes and metaphors but they don’t connect and create the correct image. My next step is to create the correct image in the readers mind.

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