Wednesday, 2 March 2016

About Me 2016

About me:
My name: Sophie :-)
My nickname: Dodgy doggy 
My favourite animal: Chinese wonton eating monkey
My favourite colour: Cyan blue
My dreams: To become a famous singer and musician. I would also like to be Jane banks in a Mary Poppins production. I wanna be a good role model!
My favourite singer/musician: ADAM LAMBERT!!! I’m a… #glambert
Adam Lambert's best cd (in my opinion): Dunno, can't choose between trespassing and the original high.
Personality: friendly, funny, passionate and musical
Do I enjoy school?: YES!!! Definitely! I like holiday programme too :-)
What do I like about school and holiday programme?: I have heaps of friends. And I have a band at holiday programme and school. The teachers/supervisors are cool too.
What do I do at school apart from work and make friends?: read books and have fun!
The thing that annoys me most: when mum interrupts me when I am recording song covers :-|
A quote made by me!: Life's a roller coaster but instead of sitting back and enjoying the ride, you should tell the driver to go in a new direction!
Unfunny joke: I could go miles on Miles!
If I were a teacher, I would…: teach the class how to play guitar, ukulele, piano and to sing so that we can make a band.
Fun fact: I was listening to Adam Lambert’s new cd while making this lol.
My favourite movie: Boy
My favourite book: Wonder
My friends: Carys, Naima, Elise, Heather and Mason
The End

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  1. You like singing like me at home I like singing too