Monday, 15 February 2016

Where Does My Heart Lie?

Where does my heart lie?

Where the Ti kōuka plays windy statues,
Winning against the harakeke
who sways in the wind,
waving to me as I go by.

Where the toe toe sits,
ready to scratch its prey
But I don't mind,
for the plant seems so innocent.

Where the makō makō swoops across the sky,
Chirping a melodic song,
That makes my heart fly
As it sings.

That's where my heart lies, it will not move,
It feels so at home.
And so do I.

The end
I’m learning to use personification in a piece of writing (at the moment, a poem).
I'm going well because I have used examples of personification that connect well with the object to help the reader build an image. For example: ‘The makō makō swoops across the sky, chirping a melodic song’.
My next steps are to help others to understand personification or help them have ideas.

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