Monday, 21 September 2015

The Evil Teddy (My Speech)

Remember that time in your life when you didn't listen to your parents and suffered the consequences? Like when you stayed up late on your device and got told off, or lost your ipad for a week. Or maybe you were bouncing on your mums bed and you bruised your tailbone. That would not have been worth the pain. Maybe it might have been eating sugary foods without your parents knowing, and they blame you for getting energetic. Well something happened to me that happens to a lot of people, and is NOT pleasant.

So it was the hectic, rushed pre Christmas time. I used to love this time of year. Mainly because we get to give presents and teddy bears for my relatives. But the part I used to hate most about pre Christmas time was shopping... Because every time we go to the warehouse I feel like going to sleep. Since I was so tiny, I tried to look around but my way was always blocked by big bully kids (at least that's what I thought they were at the time). The only thing I liked about going to the warehouse was going with my some of my 2 most favourite people. Caring and kind Rachel and kind, would never lose a child sort of mummy.

One particular day we supposed to be going present shopping at a bigger, better store! As we walked in, perfume and fur swirled up my nose, until there was nothing except a tiny scent. Although the smell carried on, but much stronger when we trudged into the BORING clothes aisle. I tried to look around everywhere except the clothes until..."Rachel!" I whispered "look at that colossal teddy bear over there, We could give that to auntie Pauline!"
I raced over to the teddy bear, with Rachel close behind me. I was so bothered looking at the teddy bear that I didn't think about one huge detail until Rachel asked me where mummy was. The fear suddenly struck up on me. We forgot to stay with mum. I kept silent but in my head I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wait a minute, where's Rachel?
I figured out when I heard a voice saying, "Come on kid, I'll take you take you to the counter and no doubt we will find your mum". Oh no! The shopkeeper took Rachel to the counter but not me! Not me?! Does she not like me?! Does she not know the pain I am going through at the moment?! Suddenly I burst into tears. I whimpered like an abandoned dog trapped in a cage. I knew this was the end of my life until a voice out of nowhere said "Hello Sophie" and I replied saying "Hello mummy".

So what I've found is that all mistakes have a message and this one is to listen to your parents. Whether it's staying up late, bouncing on your mums bed or getting lost in the mall, there will always be a consequence. Especially getting lost!

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