Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Science Reflection

Science Reflection:
This term our class focused on learning the qualities of a scientist. When I finished listing the qualities of a scientist, I started to show them by:
  • Informing the community by making a play about not littering and why.
  • And explaining my findings in my waterway report.
There aren't many qualities that I came up with BUT they are all very important. Here are the qualities of a scientist that I came up with and how I showed them:
Having evidence:
  • Using a clarity tube
  • Counting the invertebrates we caught
  • Using the in stream and Riparian zone habitat survey
  • Taking photos of unhealthy waterways
Taking action:
  • Making a play about not littering
  • From the start of term 2, picking up 3 pieces at lunchtime and morning tea
  • Making a presentation about sugar and how it is bad
Being curious
  • Investigating the macroinvertebrates that I catch
  • Thinking deeply about how healthy the waterways that I look at are
Getting critique:
  • Asking for critique on my sugar presentation
  • Asking for critique on my scientific insect drawing
  • Accepting critique from the teacher on my waterway report
Explaining things:
  • Explaining my method for testing waterway health and why most NZ waterways are unhealthy in my report
  • How sugar is bad
Using graphs and charts:
  • Using the in stream and Riparian zone habitat survey
  • Using a line graph of sugar consumption and obesity over time in my sugar presentation

I have sought critical feedback this term by asking for critical feedback when drawing my scientific insect drawing. When I got feedback, I made more drafts. Every time I got critical feedback and made more drafts, I seemed to improve until my final draft was the best it could be! I have sought feedback on my waterway report also, by asking Naima "How could I improve".

Some strategies I have used for my learning are:
  • Using a project management chart
  • Using a struggleometer
  • and improving my learning every time by using this
  • Persevering when things got hard
  • Making more drafts
  • And many more................

This is called a struggleometer. I have used it for many things. But the main I will show you is the Inquiry part of it. My main trend is up and down. But I feel that if there was a session that me and my group mucked around, the next session we would work hard to catch up.

Equipment I used:
  • A technical retrieval device (a sieve on a stick)
  • A miniature retrieval device (a spoon)
  • A clarity tube
  • Plastic container with different sections to sort macroinvertebrates into

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