Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bone Problems

Bounce bounce! Typical me, purposely making mum annoyed because her ratbag child is bouncing on her stone hard, bed.
"Sophie please stop jumping-" Screamed mum. But she was stopped by an interruption.
"It's called bouncing" Was the interruption- that was me! Now mum looks really unhappy .
"Stop bouncing on my bed" Carried on mum "you might hurt yourself"
I chuckled  "It's not like I'm gonna hurt my bum bone or anything"
After that we BOTH laughed.

So I keep bouncing. I keep constantly bouncing. Uh oh... this bounce is taking longer to land than usual. Oww! Please don't ask, I'm going through one continuous electric shock at the moment. I have gone through my FIRST and HOPEFULLY last excruciatingly painful... bruise on my tail bone (which I used to think was my bum bone)

So that's why you should be obedient with your parents!


  1. Wow Sophie! That is one cool story. I like it how you described it as 'excruciatingly' painful! I need to pop that in my Bright Sparks. And I can imagine you bouncing on your Mum's bed! It reminds me of when Sachi and I were playing on my bed and we used to pretend we were wild animals until I fell off once!
    Really nice story. Keep on writing!

  2. You have a great message! (But I NEVER listen to my parents, unless they say we're e moving to the country!). I love the way you described the fall! KEEP WRITING!!!!!!