Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts Term Reflection

This term we have been learning about how participating in the arts can connect us with our community. Our whole school went out to the city and showcased our learning on the 17th of September. We did heaps and heaps of practice and I think it paid off. For example, we took up heaps of class time learning and practicing it. I really felt connected when people performed musical things because I felt like dancing. For example when Harry performed, he got the audience to come up and dance to his music. I think that lots of the kids (and adults) were really showing a sense of manaakitia because I was really nervous about doing my individual act but they helped me get over my fear.

I think I involved the audience in my performance because I looked at the audience and then they sort of danced. This made me feel like people wanted to listen and enjoyed listening. I felt like this showed a sense of whānaungatanga because I felt that we were all connected. I noticed people were encouraging each other before they did their performance. I think that is showing manaakitia. In the play 'singing solo' they showing kotahitanga because it is about encouraging each other and representing a group even when you are singing solo.

I noticed people dancing to our band performance. Afterwards they said to us 'well done'. I think this is showing manaakitia.

I am going to perform in front of the school at Monday meet up and I am going to observe these connections.

Example of Whānaungatanga:

Example of manaakitia:

Taken by Neil MacBeth

Example of kotahitanga:

Taken by Neil MacBeth

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