Monday, 20 July 2015

Powhiri Reflection

This year I have been learning about parts of a powhiri, when to use them and HOW to use them. Our class, He Tangata have made many changes to Monday meet up, by adding parts of a powhiri. Also we went to a powhiri and held our own mihi whakatau.

At the start of the year I knew BARELY anything about Maori ritual. I put myself at unistructural because I knew about a waiata, in fact I knew a lot about waiata. Although I had to be pushed along by a teacher to actually enjoy it.

At the start of term 2, I placed myself at relational because I knew lots about different parts of a powhiri and enjoyed doing them. I knew why and how to use them but I wasn't able to teach other people how to use them.

Now (at the end of term 2), I understand most of the different parts of a powhiri and I enjoy them AND I know to use them and when to use them. I am also able to teach SOME parts of a powhiri to other people. But to be honest, there are about 4 parts I think I could improve on by thinking deeply about why they include them.

I have participated in a powhiri by sharing my mihi, singing a waiata, learning and doing the haka, standing up in a poroporoaki.

What has changed the way I feel is... 1. Going on a class trip to a powhiri 2. Holding our own mihi whakatau and participating in it, and 3. Doing poroporoaki for people who are leaving.

This has all been important for me because if I get asked to participate in a powhiri, I can! My goal for the future is to participate in another powhiri. Here is a link to our performances and explanations about our learning.

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