Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mrs Coleman's Secret

So here I am bored out of my skin. At lunchtime I would usually be having fun and playing, but not this time. Why does the rain have to pour?
"Wait a minute," I mischievously point out. "I can smell the scent of chocolate."
"Let's sneak Mrs Coleman's chocolate medals!" whispers my friend, Ella.
If you are wondering why Mrs Coleman has chocolate medals, this is why:
Apparently she ONLY gives them to kids as a reward for learning the alphabet. Yeah right!
"I have an even better idea," I whisper. "Let's spy on Mrs Coleman."

So here I am outside Mrs Coleman's 'special room' but I don't understand how it is special. I mean it's any old room with a cupboard and a desk. I smell chocolate, imagining to taste chocolate.
Suddenly I see Mrs Coleman open the cupboard door and clench onto a chocolate medal...
And eat it!

So here I am in class trying not show any signs of cheekiness. But I can't help having a cheeky smile!
"Sophie have you done something EXTRA cheeky this lunch" asks Mrs Stokes.
"Yes, but I mustn't tell you what, all I can say is that Mrs Coleman has a secret!"

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