Thursday, 14 May 2015

Rap Reflection

In class we have been learning about our waterways. We had a choice between a dance based on the water cycle, a rap about water or water charades. My group and I decided to do a rap about how little freshwater there is and how water can be polluted.  I learnt that water can be polluted by soil because soil can get litter, oil spills and lots of other things in it. I also learnt that 3 percent of the earth's water is fresh!

It was very challenging because everyone had their own ideas and it was hard to get everyone to agree. I also found the rhyming challenging. I worked on thinking by using my brain to think up ideas. I noticed other kids doing the same thing. I worked on self managing when other kids were getting off task and I had to try to keep them focused. I worked on relating to others because I was encouraging other people's ideas when people said no to them. I worked on participating and contributing because I tried to contribute my ideas into the rap.

Water can be connected to many things but at the time we couldn't think of many. Overall I think my rap is multistructural because it has lots of ideas in it but it doesn't say why water can be polluted by soil and oil because those were the things we put on there.

Here is the rap if you would like to watch it:

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