Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hanmer Springs

I remember: the exhaustion
As we enter Hanmer forest park
Waiting and waiting
Finally there are my friends
Finishing their bike ride.

I remember laying out the picnic rug
Taking out the food
And my friend and I doing bike stunts
Around the adults to annoy them.

I remember my friend’s dad saying
"Please stop doing stunts on your bikes,
If you want to have fun, climb that steep dirt hill"
And so that's what we do.

I remember the taste of my sandwhich
The juiciest tomato and the strongest marmite
Don't judge
because it's actually tasty!

I remember thinking which sandwich
I should have next when...
"Let's go" announces mum.
"Where?" My friend and I ask.
"To Bella's Bach of course."  

And so we did.

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