Monday, 23 March 2015

Orienteering At Camp

Orienteering at Camp!

I remember sprinting to my first activity, orienteering.
I was excited and curious...
until I realised we had to sit on the prickly, trickly, leg tickling grass.
I was distracted by the other kids running to their own activity.
I could hear the sweet song of the chirping birds while the instructor kept chattering away.
I thought to myself,
I don't care what marker you think we should to go to first,
or what to do, I just want to get into it!

I remember choosing my teammates
and jumping into the shadowy dark, trees-swaying forest that's suspiciously watching me
everyone else headed for marker 22 first…
That's everyone except my group!
We whizzed to 27, which was the furthest away. It felt like it took one-million years to find it.
I was thinking to myself, where are these hard-to-find markers?
But it didn’t take long.

I remember about 2 quick hours later,
I looked at my watch.
Perfect timing! We had found all the markers and there were about 5 long minutes left...
We scrambled out of the forest
"Tremendous effort everyone" said the instructor.
Orienteering felt like one second to me,
even though it felt like 1 million years to find 1 marker.
My cheeks were scrunched up
and my mouth was wide
to finish my exhilarating adventure
This was definitely the camp for me!

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